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ITI Action Committee for Artists Rights

ACAR news 1 //2018

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UNESCO Global Report 2018: Re-Shaping Cultural Policies The launch of UNESCO’s 2018 Global Report took place at the UNESCO headquarters on 14 December. Since 2015, the report series examines how the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005) has inspired policy change at the global and country level and puts forward policy recommendations for the … Continue reading UNESCO Global Report 2018: Re-Shaping Cultural Policies
Arts under Attack – ITI Germany’s Yearbook 2017 On the occasion of the many censorship actions in Poland, Hungary or Russia (which massively restricted the artists in their work opportunities) the annual (in German and English) of ITI Germany for 2017 is focusing on the symptomatical developments of nationalism and populism, which try to hinder a democratic and culturally open togetherness. The new … Continue reading Arts under Attack – ITI Germany’s Yearbook 2017
ACAR at Save Havens Conference This week, the 2017 Save Havens Conference in Malmö brings activists and Human rights networkers from all over the world together. Artists Rights Justice (ARJ) holds it’s annual meeting there and ACAR is presented by Ann Mari Engel from Sweden (Speaker) and Thomas Irmer from Germany (Coordinator). Save Havens 2017- click here
Residencies for threatened artists: Creative Haven Hildesheim The University of Hildesheim and its UNESCO Chair in collaboration with IPAH (International Performance Association Hildesheim) is happy to announce the CREATIVE HAVEN HILDESHEIM to take place in 2018 for a first time. The CREATIVE HAVEN will offer an endangered or in any way threatened artist a residency of 6 months. Part of the residence … Continue reading Residencies for threatened artists: Creative Haven Hildesheim
Artists Call for Release of Osman Kavala (Turkey) An open letter, intitiated by Shermin Langhoff, artistic director of Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, and signed by German and international artists and curators, calls for the immediate release of Osman Kavala. Kavala, founder of Anadolu Kultur, was arrested in Istanbul on 18 October, allegedly having been involved in the attempted coup in July 2016. click here
Dialog festival: “we have succeeded”! The festival announces, that all three Polish performances which were canceled before due to cuts of governmental funds, will remain in the program. The success came after launching a fundraising campaign and with the support of the local and international artists community. “Without you” wrote Tomasz Kireńczuk, the Programme Manager, “there would be no 9th … Continue reading Dialog festival: “we have succeeded”!
Mohammed Abu Sakha released on 30 August After after spending 625 days in an Israeli prison without charge or trial (see ACAR posts 1, 2, 3, and 4) , Mohammed Abu Sakha, trainer and performer at Palestinian Circus School was released on 30 August and returned to his family. He was arrested at an Israeli checkpoint on 14 December 2015 on his … Continue reading Mohammed Abu Sakha released on 30 August
U.S. and Israel leaving Unesco The United States and Israel announced on 12 October they were pulling out of the UN’s culture and education body. The double withdrawal comes as board members are voting to elect a new director-general, with Arab candidates from Qatar and Egypt vying with a French competitor. The US decision, announced in Washington, follows years of … Continue reading U.S. and Israel leaving Unesco
Artists at Risk Connection launched ACAR has joined the new Artists At Risk Connection platform which was launched on 10 October. ARC connects more than 500 global organizations that aims to provide life-saving resources to artists worldwide who face oppression, persecution, arrest, and violence for their creative work. ARC is a three-year pilot program at PEN America, sponsored by the … Continue reading Artists at Risk Connection launched
Hungarian parliament declares theatre makers to “national security risks" Hungary’s National Security Committee vice-president and Fidesz VP Szilárd Németh identified three opposition activists by name during a closed-door session of the committee on 12 September. Among them are the stage director Árpád Schilling and Márton Gulyás, co-founder of Schillings theatre group Krétakör. … Continue reading Hungarian parliament declares theatre makers to “national security risks

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